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Empty Head, Full Bat

Empty Head, Full Bat

"Empty Head, Full Bat" from our collaboration series with Philadelphia Phillies legend Charlie Manuel, "Charlie Knows Best."

"This means someone who thinks too much - overthinks, overreacts - and then everything kinda becomes like an adventure or something. I actually got this from Branch Rickey, who said something similar. But mines a little different. When you think a lot, and you start overthinking... you’re not gonna be able to focus on what you doing, and you won’t have self control. And then you can’t control your adrenaline." -Charlie Manuel

$5 from each sale will benefit the ECYEH (Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness) Teen Program at The School District of Philadelphia.

Black ink on a poly-cotton heather grey shirt. Handprinted with love in the city of Philadelphia, go Phillies forever.