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Winning Takes Care of Everything

Winning Takes Care of Everything

":Winning Takes Care of Everything" from our collaboration series with Philadelphia Phillies legend Charlie Manuel, "Charlie Knows Best."

"Winning will solve everything. I can get on your more, I can constructively criticize you more. You’ll feel good about yourself, and also you’ll feel good about your teammates. And the fans - everybody in baseball - everybody likes a winner. Like that World Series? That took care of a lot of things for a long time. Winning is where it’s at. On our ballclub - I managed 12 or 13 years in the big leagues - and everyday that I came to the ballpark my philosophy was that we’re winning today’s game. We’re not looking back, and I’m not thinking about tomorrow.” -Charlie Manuel

$5 from each sale will benefit the ECYEH (Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness) Teen Program at The School District of Philadelphia.

White ink on a poly-cotton black long-sleeve t-shirt. Go Phillies forever.