• Image of High Höpes Grey

Feeling socially distant & coming to terms with the fact that there might not be a lot of nice things - like baseball - for the next couple of months? Same. But that doesn’t change the fact that Spring is here - and we can still have High Höpes.

It’s like Frank said, “When troubles call, and your back's to the wall, there’s a lot to be learned and that wall could fall.” And it’s also like what Lemmy definitely would have said, “COVID-19 can go sod right off.”

So here’s to getting High Höpes, taking good care of each other, and spreading some positive vibrations during this crap pandemic. If you are able, continue supporting independent artists - and please don’t forget to show your love for the service industry during these upside down times. We are all in this together, and together we will win.

*THAT SAID: This crimson ink on heather grey edition is mondo limited, seeing as how the world is temporarily closed for business and all. Once it’s gone it’s gone for a bit. But the good news is that, like HK, High Höpes will last forever.